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          11月03日 22:00 440次瀏覽   免費發送到微信


          是集商務和KTV于一體完美結合娛樂場所,著名專業設計師以其超乎想象的時尚構思,營造出神秘華美的色彩與變幻莫測的視覺空間,世界頂級音響系統和國際一流的燈電設備,傾力演繹最新歐洲舞曲,引領您步入時尚前尚,釋放激情無限,創造至HI夜晚,擁有八十多間風格各異的KTV豪華廳房,全部采用電腦VAD 點播系統,大容量曲庫大屏幕高保真畫質,國內最先進的音響系統對音質的全新處理,讓您發現自己具有歌唱家的潛質與原唱的逼真效果。先進的燈光音響設備,寬敞的空間,裝修典雅舒適,環境豪華溫馨,專業的音響設備,時尚的電腦點歌,全方位的優質服務,造就了一個的全新形象,能提供動感十足的時尚派對。公司特別致力于音響要好、歌曲要全、服務到位,以保證每一位顧客在本會所消費有賓至如歸的感覺。逾十萬首金曲的海量歌曲庫,超值優質的人性化服務,絕對純正的酒水及經典美味的美食,為人們提供視聽、音樂、派對、美食等高品質娛樂享受,真正實現“眾人同樂”的歡唱新體驗,成為都市人釋放重壓的休閑好去處。

          Is a set of KTV in one of the perfect combination of business and entertainment, fashion design professional designers with its famous imagination beyond, create a mysterious and beautiful color and change unpredictably visual space, the world's top sound system and a world - class light electrical equipment, to showcase the latest European dance, leading you into the fashion is, passion Unlimited to create, HI night, with more than 80 different styles of the luxury KTV rooms, all by computer VAD system, large capacity library large screen high fidelity quality sound system, the most advanced on the quality of new processing, let you find yourself with the realistic effect of the original song and the singer. Advanced lighting audio equipment, spacious, elegant and comfortable environment decoration, luxurious warmth, professional audio equipment, fashion computer song, a full range of quality services, create a new image, can provide dynamic fashion party. The company is particularly committed to sound sound, full songs and service in place to ensure that every customer feels at home in the club. More than one hundred thousand famous songs of the massive music library, value the quality of personalized service, and classic drinks delicious absolutely authentic the delicacy, provide audio, music, party, etc. delicacy of high-quality entertainment for people to enjoy, to realize "all the fun" singing experience, become the city people release the weight of a good place for leisure.